Friday, November 19, 2010

How To: Gingerbread Roof

I attended the local Gingerbread Festival with my daughter's class. I have so many pictures, I thought I'd break it into a couple of posts. First up, roofing materials. Check out all the creative uses of candy for roofing materials. As per usual, click to biggify.

My favorite is the Big Red Gum roof. Which is yours and do you make gingerbread houses?

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Kristina P. said...

I think I have made one, once in my life. It was never a tradition in our family.

Kimberly said...

Too spiffy - love the different ideas! One of my favourites is rock candy. Gives it a cobblestone cottage kind of look.

Kim N said...

So cool! My favorites that we have tried were Necco's and Mini Wheats.

Omgirl said...

I watched a show once on those people who are super serious in their gingerbread house building, and it blew my mind the lengths they go to. AMAZING.

Lady Fromage said...

Ooooh how fun!! I think I need to make a ginger bread house this year. Although I'm sure the cats will munch on it. Darn cats.

Thanks for the inspiration (and the cats will thank you for the snack! hehe)