Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Disney - the Epic Edition

We tried something new on this trip to Disneyland, and discovered something - I think it might be possible to take Ty with us next time (not that he would enjoy Disneyland, but it's just one of those experiences every child should have at least once).

I mean where else can he experience such coolness?

I love that Ellie thought I couldn't see her in this picture.

We used Ridemax software again and our longest time in any line was 20 minutes and most rides were less than 5 minutes. It's perfect and I highly recommend it (you just tell it the rides you want to go on that day and it configures the order so that you spend a minimum time in line). Our personal record for most number of rides in one day is 17 and that was only staying until 9 PM.

I wish we would've thought to ask someone to take our picture for us so we could all be in the family shot together. (Please to note: Ellie's face)

I think this is the only photo in which Ellie smiled "normally."

She was more into doing "tricks"

The weather was absolutely beautiful - about 75 with a slight breeze.

Spielberg still has a knack for photography

I love this shot, especially

And this one

Insert Gratuitous Self Portrait Shot here

If we just went on Dumbo and the Carousel over and over she would have been deliriously happy. And also probably sick to her stomach, so we didn't let her. Instead, we took her on Splash Mountain which she hated. Parents are such dream crushers. Big Thunder Mountain was her favorite ride - go figure.

It was a long day for her so I took her back to the hotel (I love shuttle buses) early while the rest of the gang stayed until closing time. This was the best day of our vacation. And the only day we took pictures. Apparently.

Lucky for you.


Kristina P. said...

I just had a dream about Disneyland last night. Are they still playing Captain EO? I have to say, it sort of made me sick with all the chairs moving and things.

M-Cat said...

I am itching to go to Disneyland and take Sissy. Looks like so much fun!

Mrs. Organic said...

They brought Captain EO back as a tribute.

Elizabeth-W said...

Good to know about Ridemax!

Kim N said...

I am having Disneyland withdrawals now. It looks like fun!

Kimberly said...

We're going there in February, I may have to pester you for advice in the new year...

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Love the photos. It IS lucky for us.