Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Little somethings

So many little things I want to tell you about:

The darling lemonade stand I stopped for, I mean who could resist a dancing little kid in a mini kissing booth costume?

How green everything is from the recent monsoon rains

How I finally finished rereading East of Eden and how I wish I could write with even as much talent as existed in Steinbeck's pinkie fingernail.

How good it is to catch up with new and long time friends

How very lovely birthdays can be

And how very satisfying it can be to try new styles and strike fashion gold

How one tiny moment can leave you feeling vulnerable and exposed

How much havoc one messed up back can wreak (just shoot me already)

How wonderful modern medicine is - I heart me some ultrasound, massage and anti-inflammatories


Kristina P. said...

Ugh, I think I need to go and see a chiropractor. My weird back injury from 10 years ago is creeping back up.

Omgirl said...

Monsoon rains??? You got monsoon rains?!? Where are my monsoon rains? They must have skipped right over my house or someting. WAH.

M-Cat said...

Nothing worse than a bad back. Your whole body hurts!!

Hoping for a fast recovery!

Anonymous said...

I agree with all those little somethings. Its one of those things I think but can never write into words like you. You do have a writing gift. Have you ever read the goose Girl? I just did and it was really good and entertaining. If you are looking for something to read after East of Eden. Was that good? Love ya KEl

Mrs. Organic said...

I've moved on to lighter reading - Atlas Shrugged- ha! I've never cracked it and am only about 10 pages in but so far I already find myself underlining and writing notes to myself in the margins, good signs I think.

Omgirl - on it!

Elizabeth-W said...

So glad you're reading A.Shrugged. It's beautiful but in a completely different way. I'm about done--under 100 pages left. I love it every time.
Sorry about your back! :(

Emma J said...

I liked Atlas too. I love seeing this happy place your life is in. You go!