Saturday, July 24, 2010

Freebies come in threes?

Or something like that. Yesterday I caved to my soda craving and grabbed one on the way home from my workout. So there I was all sweaty in my bike shorts and tank - the owner rang me up and charged me the Thursday price (half off) instead.

And then tonight when Mr. O and I went out for his birthday treat (Happy Birthday, honey!) the guy behind the counter told me it would be no charge for my hot fudge.

A girl could get used to this. People are just so nice.


Emma J said...

Wow. What perfume is it you're wearing lately? And where can I get some?

The Family G said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We've had a crazy busy summer, but I'd love to celabrate with you. I'll give you a call when we are back in town.


M-Cat said...

I need to hang out with you more!

Mrs. Organic said...

Emma- L'eau de Sweatique and you can get some on that ride you're going to go on with me in a couple of weeks.

Nori- We need a girls' night/lunch/sip o' water for sure.

M-Cat - Um yes, yes you do!