Thursday, May 27, 2010

The bags

I finally settled on the Basil Shopper Bike Bags and girly ones at that. They're super roomy, easy to take on and off, and I never bump my heels on them. Anyway, I love them (only not their crazy price tag, but I'd love to try these instead). I biked lunch to my grandma today (with just one of them) over 8 miles of bumpy trail and it worked like a charm. All I needed was a little Red Riding Hood.

The wisteria is in bloom for another 2 weeks.

It smells divine.

I finally got the pots planted

I tried a few different things this year -

some sweet potato vine,

geraniums, and bacopa

I have no idea, but isn't it the perfect floral representation of this haircut?

A poppy,

and last year's salvia.

It's good to be back.


tiburon said...

LOVE the shopping bags! And all the flowers.

Now I really want to plant some wisteria...

You are one talented chica!

andrea said...

Super cute!

Love all the flowers. I'm not feeling like doing any planting this year....sort-of sad, huh?!

So I still have pansies in my front flower pots, and some sad marigolds that J brought home from school.

Kimberly said... have your own little garden of Eden there. It's lovely!

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

The wisteria looks gorgeous! To bad we can't smell over the computer.

sue-donym said...

2 questions:
Do the bags rub on your tires?
What camera do you use?

Oh wait, a third:
Will you come be my personal gardener?

radioactive girl said...

Those bags are so adorable! I love them!

And your pictures are fantastic, as always.

Elizabeth-W said...

It is just lovely. :)
I can't even keep the pansies alive in my front yard. I'm glad other people can do it so I can enjoy it from afar.

Millie said...

Beautiful, beautiful! I love the bike bags with a passion!

M-Cat said...

The wisteria is BEAUTIFUL!

Omgirl said...

Um, could you please come over and do my garden this year??? It's gorgeous!

JENNIFRO said...

Your flowers are unreal. I am in awe of the wisteria!