Monday, May 24, 2010

Affinity: Doorways

Mr. O and I had been thinking of a get-away these past few weeks - mostly so we could be together alone (being together alone does have its special perks and attractiveness)

and mostly to get a reprieve from Mother Nature (she is a changeable woman these days what with all her spontaneous snowy weeping).

We had been hoping to fly, but decided last minute to drive instead.
In our driving team I am the Anti-Drowsiness Plan, reading aloud from both The Big Short and The 5000 Year Leap. Dontcha know? Credit Default Swaps and Liberty are the perfect combination, a literary O R E O, if you will.
Okay that and Dr. Pepper consumed with copious amounts of Chocolate Clodhoppers.
We spent a desperately-needed/much-anticipated day at the beach and it did not disappoint. Not too crowded, not too hot, with just the perfect occasional breeze. Although regretfully, (or not) there were no Wolf Man spottings this trip. AND fortunately, no sunburns to be had.

Then we drove. And drove some more. Winding through the wind-swept savannas of central California until finally we arrived at Hearst Castle.

Here we are together alone (you know, the special kind of alone you feel with about 50 other people).

Ahh, heaven.
We were two kids in a toy store, or rather two photo snappers awash in eye candy.

And, of course, doors (for which I have a thing)

This is one of my favorite spots, the orange-scented air was a nasal cocktail (and I should tell you) I drank heavily.

And so, drunk on citrus-flavored air, I set out on my photo safari.

I will tell you, though, on this trip there was this woman (it seems there is always one). She buzzed around anxiously snapping away, oblivious to everyone with the same objective.

Chawing her gum noisily, flitting about from frame to frame, inserting herself into each and every member of the groups members' photo albums. Thank the heavens above for photo crop.

Patiently, I waited her out stealing shots once she'd moved on, but the sound of my shutter snapping was like a magnet, drawing her back. Chck-it.

And there she'd be again, madly snapping away.
So what is your thing? What is your lens drawn to?


Anonymous said...

Positively amazing! You should post your pic... I've heard of a site that people post to, it allows others to rate and comment on your work.

Kristina P. said...

Where did you go? I clearly need to change my roadtrip habits.

Kimberly said...

Lovely! My mum and Dad go to Hearst Castle at least once a year, that's how much she loves it. And for all her own picture taking you've taken shots I've never seen before. Tell you what - let's meet there someday. And I promise not to jump into your pictures.

Too often.

Thanks for sharing!

The Boob Nazi said...

awww I love Hearst Castle!!!

sue-donym said...

I LOVE Hearst Castle. Are you driving up/down PCH? This trip sounds fabulous!

Rachel Sue said...

I am fighting of jealousy, currently. It is beautiful. Where in CA is that? I may just have to go exploring then next time we are down there.

Mrs. Organic said...

suedonym - the only thing that would this trip better is a convertible.

Rachel Sue - It's near San Simeon which is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, but it's worth it.

Elizabeth-W said...


Tebbs Family said...

Lucky you!!! You and Blaine deserve alone time! Gorgeous photos (as usual). What kind of camera do you have and do you LOVE it? I am camera shopping...

radioactive girl said...

You take such beautiful pictures! I love that you share them.

I'm so glad you got a little time together. That is wonderful for you both!

M-Cat said...

LOVE alone time.

And, I am gonna need more 411 on Chocolate Clodhoppers...??

Emma J said...

So beautiful that blue! It looks like something much further away. I'm glad you two got the time away.

tiburon said...

Love that part of California! And your photos are STUNNING!

Omgirl said...

I went to Hearst castle as a kid, and it blew my mind! Looks like you guys were having a really good time.