Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Not The Serious One Yet

So Ellie was laying (lying?) on the kitchen floor the other day with her eyes closed and big grin on her face. Do you know what I'm doing, Dad? I'm getting ready for dying.

That girl cracks me up. She told me the other day that she wished she were dead and when I asked her why she said So I could watch everything you do like I did before I was borned.

Anywho, some friends of ours had a couple days of their time share (in a typically much warmer locale) that they couldn't use and they graciously shared it with us.

We enjoyed a couple days of just hanging out, reading (The Big Short (by the same author who wrote The Blind Side), Born to Run (which has me altering my running style), and a trrashy mag (which I never indulge in (unless at the dentist) and of course People would pick this week to cover Justin Bieber-kill me now)), eating rich foods, eating crap food (which is totally different from eating rich food), watching a movie, talking each other's ears off, sleeping in, extra(cough)curricular activities, and even managed to get in 40 minutes of Vitamin D absorption from actual sun (it would've been more, but the weather gods were not smiling on us and our spontaneous trip-taking).

All in all, a pretty great weekend (all hideous yard art aside).


tawna6988 said...

Kids kill me, that is a funny comment she made, well funny after you knew why she made it!

b. said...

I'm so glad you were able to get away. But seriously, what is up with that yard?

Mrs. Organic said...

Their mailbox was a cactus sculpture with an official USPS mailbox tucked inside. Up here we have actual taxidermied animals for yard art, down there it's wire sculpture. To each his own, eh?

Kimberly said...

Emma is making comments like that ALL the time. Hers mostly revolve around wanting to go back to Heaven because she misses Jesus. They're sweet and endearing and morbid all rolled into one.

Congrats on the get away - what a shame about the weather!

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

She is hilarious! Too funny.

M-Cat said...

I just read the Justin Bieber People mag as well. A waste! I want my 4 bucks back! : )

The place looks awesome! HOT and sunny!

kado! said...

oh Ellie and Nox would be the best of friends! He too tells me often he would like to die...it creeps me out but I guess I've painted such a beautiful picture of heaven and all the animals and nice people living there that he thinks the place sounds great enough to visit right now. I tell him he'll have plenty of time to visit heaven...just don't be going there right now, I really like him here with me!

Justin Bieber was at our local Middle school for a private concert last week...I didn't even know who he was...I thought my son was saying Justin BEAVER...and I was thinking to myself what a Horrible last name!

Kim N said...

Sigh. Now I am homesick. It looks like you vacationed in my hometown.