Sunday, November 29, 2009

Done or Pwned!

Twelve! Count them, twelve bags of yard crap: bagged, trussed and ready for the curb. My family pretty much rocks. The yard is ready for winter. Come on, SNOW already.

My house smelled like this today - HEAVEN.

The Christmas decorations are mostly up. The music box in the center is older than Mr. O and my kids (especially Ellie) love it!

Due to space limitations this year, our tree is in the dining room. We had to smoosh all the branches down and make it a skinny tree so the wheelchair can still get by. I kinda like it that way. Best news of all this weekend? No Thanksgiving poundage! Also snowflake cutting will commence tomorrow evening at approximately 1900 hours. Yippee!


Kimberly said...

Oh I am just lovin' all those flavours of loveliness!

andrea said...

Well done!

My yard really should be raked. I think about it. Ron thinks about it. But, it still hasn't been raked! ;)

I'm working on a alot of stuff, but unfortunately finishing none of it! Guess I should get off the computer?!

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Ugg, we still haven't started getting our garden ready.

The Christmas decorations look beautiful!

b. said...

Great Job, Family!

Your bread looks divine, I can practically smell it !

The tree and decorations look beautiful!

Emma J said...

Inspirational. Truly. Inspirational.

Emma J said...

Inspirational. Truly. Inspirational.

Emma J said...

Good. Good. Grief. Grief.

And I thought the comment hadn't gone through at all (sorry).

What I came here to say, dear Mrs. O - would you like to contribute to the whole foods "table in the wilderness" site? (and yes, I'm just trying to get some of your clean-eating recipes!) Let me know -

Mrs. Organic said...

Emma J - I'm hoping you come back to this post (I'm suddenly unable to leave a comment on your blog). I'd love to contribute to "table in the wilderness" but will need help in the photography department.

Anonymous said...

Yum. I think if you keep it up with the beautiful bread, maybe you are excused from the homemade chocolates and sweets. (*Maybe.*)

Bubbly said...

I like are tree mom!!! You did a good job taking them too. look at all of those bags that we used!!!