Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just musing

Homework: Choose any of the assignments that apply, or design an exercise that will inspire your muse.

~Put a few manila folders somewhere handy, with labels like: Quotes, Characters For My Novel, Funny Things the Kids Said, Clippings That Made Me Think, Plots I'd Like to Thicken.
~Buy a package of ten small notebooks and pens (in the dollar aisle of Target) and stash them in places where you often get ideas.
~Every day for a week, write down and file three random thoughts, just to get you in the habit of using your notebooks and files.
~Place scissors and a red pen wherever you spend time reading. Clip or tear newspaper and magazine articles that provoke you, underline the passage you want to remember, and file them away.
Written Work: List ten things that get in the way of your writing. (My life is boring; my mom would be shocked; I don't know where to start; I don't have time, I have seven kids.) Go back and write a sentence about how to deal with each issue. Idea: "I have seven kids. I'll sit down with them during homework time and write a paragraph using their spelling words." "My mom would be shocked. I'll write my love story as if it happened to someone else." Now, use your ten sentences to write a mission statement called "I'm Going to Write, and Here's How."

Go for it—Write Away!

Notebooks/pens (Zebra F-402) purchased and appropriately stashed. I AM going to figure out how to use the voice memo on my phone because when I'm driving is when the ideas come. However, they stay in the car. I can never remember them later and since writing (while driving) is out of the question, I think I'll try talking to myself instead.


Travelin'Oma said...

What a great idea!

Emma J said...

My children are trained to take dictation when I'm driving - which is much safer than trying to scribble notes on the fly. Never thought of using the voice memo on phone (?!)

Hey, have you ever heard of NaNoWriMo? I've signed up (and signed away the month of November to wild, crazy, no-holds-barred novel-writing). I'm thinking you might enjoy Googling it and looking into it yourself . . . ?

Kimberly said...

You have no idea how well timed this is - I've spent my whole morning mulling over the best way to start writing again...

Mrs. Organic said...

Emma J - I have heard of it. Are you posting your novel writing or just vowing to write everyday?

Seriously, last night on my way to the airport I had 5 different trains of thought(one of them very good) and all slipped away when I turned off the ignition.