Thursday, September 17, 2009

Birth Stories

Today's assignment:

Ellie's teacher had her baby this past week (one month early) and Ellie's been fixated on pregnancy and hospitals.

Mommy do you benember when I was born - when Nicole did that dance to"Who Let The Dogs Out?"

Yes, I remember.
(she remembers this is on the video camera after movies of her as a baby)

And do you benember my whole family came to see me at the hopsi-bal?

I do.

And then Daddy brought books for me in my Dora Be-Spora Backpack so I wouldn't be bored-ed?


And there was that time she asked me if there was a baby in my fat tummy and when I told her no she said, (and I quote) "Dain-it, I reawy want to play wiff a baby sister."

She asked me how the she got in my tummy and before I answered, I asked her what she thought. With eyebrows raised, she suggests, "Um, you swallowed an egg from the fridgerator?"

Here are some past theories of hers about how she came to be here:

Well, we were in pieces and Jesus put us together and then told us which house we were going to.

(and to the neighbor) Jesus drove us here in His big car (meaning a bus) down the mountain


Elizabeth-W said...

Ask her today and see what her most recent theory is.
I seriously, SERIOUSLY have got to tell my 9 year old. Ugh.

Travelin'Oma said...

Really, when you hear the real story for the first time, it sounds as plausible as these darling ideas! I love how you've written her kidspeak!

Kimberly said...

The adorableness of her is almost too much! And those are some pretty inventive theories!

Shawn said...

Such cute ideas....she is inventive---to say the least!

Loralee and the gang... said...

I love the ideas that our little ones have! But my dad always said we were hatched on a fence post. I never believed him, but I never argued with him, either. Maybe I just thought then that he really didn't know? Aww, such innocence. Too bad we all have to grow up.

Tebbs Family said...

She is so "dain-it" cute! Bet she can't say anything about your tummy now, right?! How's the dieting, eating natural and exercising still going, btw?

Mrs. Organic said...

Loralee - I'm going to try that theory with her next time.

Alicia - it's all going really well (except for the resisting chocolate chip cookies - still working on that). I'm nearly ready for that size 8. Mr. O has lost 2% body fat and 5 lbs.

Mrs. Organic said...

EW - her latest theory is "I don't know." And then she tells me that if I get a really big tummy it means I have two babies in there.