Monday, August 24, 2009

Cackling is so under-rated

I mean it's annoying, but still under-rated. It's quite therapeutic while at the same time therapy-inducing. And that's all I have to say about that.

I can't believe we are back in the full swing of school again. The summer slipped away without my permission. So I'm thinking of dashing off to the beach one last time (so nice to have a sister so close to the ocean and so accommodating) with my girls, but I just hate the driving.

Driving = munchies, not to mention boredom. Only problem is munchies = ellbees that refuse to vacate the premises (my gut and derriere to be precise).

I have a strategy and it involves a cooler (surprise!):
Cucumber sticks
Apple wedges
Protein bars, diced (desperate times, desperate measures - at least I didn't put down "PB cups")
Grapefruit (breakfast)
Turkey Wraps
String cheese
Frozen grapes
Water, water, water
Raw trail mix with dark chocolate

Too bad there will be no Dr. Pepper to keep me awake, I'll just have to rely on my Hip-to-the-Hop Road Mix. And hopefully some mad car-dancing skillz will help alleviate the extreme BOREDOM of a 11 hour drive with no other adults. This will be the last weekend of fun before the Invasion of the Tomato.


Kristina P. said...

I think you should include a delicious Hot Fudge Cookie Dough shake from Iceberg on there. I just had one and it was delicious!

Emma J said...

Another stay-awake trick:

* books on tape from the library - we listened to "The Wee Free Men" by Terry Prachett and laughed and cried both ways (as a plus, his next book "A Hat Full of Sky" goes in depth about cackling)

* also, alternately squeezing all the leg muscles on one side and then the other - for as long as you can keep it up - I don't know why this works so well - maybe it just gets the blood to slosh from one side to the other - but this technique alone has gotten me back and forth from coast to Wasatch Range several times this summer

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling so annoyed with my sisters that not one of them lives near a beach.

Your cooler-full-of-snacks sounds fabulous.

I thought Wee Free Men and Hat Full of Sky were entertaining, but for some reason it was the third book, The Wintersmith, that had me laughing out loud throughout. I can imagine they'd all make good car listening.

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Hey if your driving I-80 you could always stop for a rest and a visit. =)

The cooler of healthy snacks sounds wonderful. We just got back from a quick trip to our old hometown and we had yucky stuff to eat (chips, jerky, Twizzlers) and now I have a stomachache.

Mrs. Organic said...

KP - you temptress!

Emma J - I like the muscle squeezing idea - the car workout. Those titles sound interesting and if I can clear my name at the library, I'll check them out.

Zina - you could always call shotgun. :)

ComC - Thanks for the offer, but we'll be I-15ing it. The last trip we took Red Vines - very bad idea to mix red dye and children, both for their clothes and the hyper effect.

andrea said...

I'm jealous! Ever since Ron and I were there a couple weeks ago, I've wanted to hop in the car, buy a bucket and shovel, and head to the beach with the kids! You are brave. With my kids, I'd have to add dramamine to that list. And it isn't because they get carsick. They'd take it strictly for sleep-induction.

Unfortunately, my sister lives in AZ, and I'm certainly smart enough to go visit her in February when I need to thaw out, but definitely NOT August....I don't have a death wish!

Have fun!

Up in Bubbles said...

Sounds fun I wish I could come to. Your snacks do sound yummy. Good ideas for our next road trip. To bad you can't road trip it out to me. It seems like nobody likes me I never get visits. I am not that far from a beach. OUr those book on tape for adults or the whole family?

Nancy Face said...

That's a great "healthy munchie" list! I eat healthy at home, but something goes TWANG in my brain while on road trips, and I stop at convenience stores and buy junk munchies! I don't know why I do it...FOOLISH! :P