Thursday, June 25, 2009

The well, she is run dry

I think there's a lot of blog fatigue out there. At least, there is here. Not that I'm tired of posting here, but it seems as though I may have worn out my bloggy welcome. A little break will be nice.
I'm hoping to fill my well with the following:

*Garden - goes without saying. I plan on lots of quality time with my veggies.

*Sewing - I haven't really sewn anything in the last couple years - that's something I've been meaning to rectify.

*Writing - I've ditched my last fiction in favor of a different, better story.

*Swimming - Ellie is learning some water safety skills. I'm determined to turn her into a fish.

*Not Eating Crap - It ain't organic (if only it didn't taste so good).

*Picking Up a Weight or Two - just like it sounds.

*Reading - blogs, fiction, the works.

I may occasionally post a garden update or document random bursts of creativity. See you in September.

How do you fill your well?


Chocolate on my Cranium said...

I'm going to be taking a bloggy break too though I haven't decided whether to take July and August off or just July. We'll be farming, gardening, doing school, and sewing/quilting.

andrea said...

I keep thinking I should do that...not that I update mine all that much now, but I keep thinking I should take a break from all of it. But I don't. :)

I'll miss reading you though.

My next large project is to get the craft room cleaned and organized. I have a pile of uncompleted projects that have been calling to me.

I'm signing up the kids for swimming lessons, we have a family vacay to complete, then it'll be about time to start outfitting the kids with back to school stuff!

See you on twitter?

The Family G said...

I'm glad your taking a break, but it's sad for the rest of us. I guess this means we'll have to get together in person to catch up. Hey, that sounds like a good idea!

Kristina P. said...

I totally understand how you feel! Hope you have a nice blog break.

Elizabeth-W said...

It's that blasted Facebook! It steals all my posts and turns them into one liners :)
I want to get back to blogging and less facebooking.

Anonymous said...

Summer--swimming lessons, reading, kid-chore-nagging--would have killed off my blog by now, if it weren't for Rose keeping me supplied with fresh material.

I did start to get back into a sewing groove recently, but then I got sidetracked reading the five Last Apprentice books. Now I'm done with that and tonight I went to TMZ to see the breaking Michael Jackson story, and emerged a couple of hours later having read about a week's worth of TMZ posts and feeling like my bucket was emptier than when I started. Ick.

Have a relaxing blog break!

Anonymous said...

I will miss you on your break, because I feel like you are my source of entertainment when I log on. I can usually count on something new from you fairly often unlike myself. Have fun though loves Kel

claire said...

Don't do it! I love reading your blog! Ok, jsut kidding, I take breaks all the time, I just fade in and out as my life demands. Hey, read my posts about Camp Barnabas, I think we need to get Tyler out here. Email me your thoughts!

JENNIFRO said...

I TOTALLY get it! Have fun. Wish you were coming this summer!

Nancy Face said...

Sounds like you'll be accomplishing some great stuff this summer! :)

I'm so much happier now that I'm posting only once a week! I visit and comment to everyone who comments to me, but it may take a week or two for me to get there! It's more important to LIVE our life than to spend too much time BLOGGING about our life! :)

Loralee and the gang... said...

Amen to you, and amen to Nancy! We need to live our lives not just do stuff so we can blogg about it! But I do use my blog as a journal. It works for me for some reason, since I never journaled anything ever before, and I am going to really enjoy the stories and things we did that I would have otherwise just forgotten about! So, I say, hooray for blogs!

Kim N said...

I have been on blogging break without meaning too. I definitely got a case of blog fatigue. I really enjoy reading your posts and will look forward to updates!