Thursday, May 7, 2009

Every time I hear it....

The song that brings back the best memories is not one from my youth, it is not a love song, or even a hymn. It's a 70's Rock Song - one that reminds me of the triumph of my son over an aggressive tumor. He was bald as a bowling ball, sick as a dog and down in the dumps - chemo will do that to you.

My husband had just bought me a new digital video camera for my birthday, and I decided to try it out and video Ty's expressions while his favorite song was playing. I'm so glad I did, it captured one of my most treasured moments and I didn't even know it until I played it back.

***Side note: Ty does not speak, he suffered a brain inflammation when he was 2 months old that disabled him, but he does make noise. Does he ever! Whenever a favorite song of his comes on, he dances along moving what he can and hootin' and hollerin'.***

This time was no exception. I played Queen's "We Will Rock You" and turned on the camera. Sure enough he put on his usual show, keeping time to the steady beat. When I played back the film, he seemed to say "Rock You" - twice! It is one of the few times he has spoken in his short life, and it reminds me of his amazing spirit. See what you think (look for it at the 12-second mark).

More songs he likes


Kristina P. said...

He clearly loves it! What a sweet kid.

Nancy Face said...

How wonderful! :)

Because my sweet brother only survived for 7 months after his aggressive brain tumor was diagnosed, it truly brings me hope and joy when I learn of others' triumphs! My neighbor is a young husband and father in his twenties, and he is a brain cancer survivor. I hope and pray that he has many years to live with his precious family. :)

Shawn said...

What a beautiful post---I didn't know about your son---but this was so great!

It made me get a bit teary-eyed as I thought of how wonderful music is to the soul----and how it can move your son----loved it!

Kim N said...

I can't help but smile throughout the video. I love the joy that music clearly brings to Ty. He says it loud and clear!

~j. said...

Thank you for sharing that. Incredible.