Thursday, April 2, 2009

Keep Your Head in the Game

I love that my 9 year old just instructed me to use the conditioner last so her hair would be all smooth and not wrinkly. (Normally, I don't wash her hair but she asked me to wash it in the sink for her and I don't mind - so I did). Anywho, after 30+ years of washing my own hair, it's nice to know I've been doing it right and that my hair is not wrinkly.

Another child just told me that her teacher's birthday is tomorrow and was reviewing the list of his likes and dislikes before settling on one to gift him. She mentioned that he really likes the O'Reilly Factor-y (I wonder...what exactly do they manufacture there?).

I don't know which is worse: getting a ticket for going 5 miles over (while taking Ty to the doctor for pneumonia) or that the female cop* quoted High School Musical to me.

She said You've got to keep your head in the game. If I hadn't been so broken up about Ty and his potential pneumonia and the fact that I now get to attend Traffic School**, I totally would've broken into song (and then she probably would've decided I was going 11 over instead, but it would've been so worth it).

*Not that I have anything against heartless female cops - I'm not a racist, or anything
**I know she wouldn't have written me up if I weren't speeding, but still! 5 miles over and a kid in a wheelchair who can't breathe? At least I know it wasn't personal.

Speaking of cops (most of whom are actually very awesome and do not quote 'tween musicals starring Zac Gayfron while writing you up), this Mrs. - Mrs. X, to be specific, could use any help you can send her way. Please help a gal out if you can. Thanks so much! Don't worry, she's completely legit. Besides, it's got to drastically improve your ticket karma when you help a Peace Officer.


Kristina P. said...

I work with a lot of police officers, and I always wonder what would happen if one of them pulled me over. I like to think I wouldn't even have to flash them to get out of a ticket.

Nancy Face said...

I really like and respect cops...except for that chick who pulled you over! Ridiculous! >:(

andrea said...

Five MPH over?! You are kidding. But I bet I can guess the road.

As for HSM.....she quoted it? That is bizarre. Was she serious?

Mrs. Organic said...

Nancy Face - Me too.

Andrea - she was totally serious.

Shawn said...

Sorry but I wouldn't know if she was quoting High School Musical or not---never seen it.

And I thought that cops didn't give tickets for going 5 miles over---wha?

Dang, now I have to slow down...

Elizabeth-W said...

5 miles over?! And HSM? I'd at least report her to her supervisor b/c that last bit has to be some kind of harassment!

Summer said...

Five over?!? That's madness!

Mrs. X said...

Thanks so much Mrs. O. I ♥ HSM and cops. :)

Kenna said...

Getting pulled over is the worst feeling especially when you are worried about something. I can't believe she pulled you over for 5 over what a bugger. At least traffic school isn't to bad, trust me I know I have been in three different cities.

Kim N said...

That is really lame. You would think she would give you the benefit of the doubt under your circumstances, and considering it was ONLY 5 over!