Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shoebox conversion

I love having creative children - except for the fact that they are also procrastinators spontaneous and usually think of their creations the day before they would like them finished. It turned out great, last minute execution aside. I suppose they come by that trait honestly, after all I'm just now thinking of taking them on a trip this weekend - guess I'd better get packing/planning.

In other news, as I was tucking Ellie into bed, she mentioned that we should put Spielberg (her elder brother) in a cage. When I asked her why we'd want to do that she came back with So we can have two dogs.


Really, the only relief we get from 24/7 Ellie Puppy is at church - you know, because of their strict No Dogs Allowed rule. Oh, and at the dinner table.


Anonymous said...

She is SO funny, and one of the cutest puppies ever.

Mabel started working on her shoebox a couple of days ago so I guess that was pretty early for her (she just finished it tonight.)

Anonymous said...

At least she is an adorable puppy!

Kristina P. said...

She is adorable! And I love that box.

Elizabeth-W said...

I suppose she could be on a T-Rex kick and I think that would be more noisy and violent.

Anonymous said...

She makes such a cute dog. Especially with the pig tails. kel