Thursday, January 15, 2009

Islands of Plastic

The house is in a general state of upheaval and chaos. It has always felt cave-like in here and so now, after nearly 9 years of living here, we've finally bit the bullet and decided to paint the main living areas.

The rest of the house (hallway and bedroom) has long since been darkened and brightened with varying shades of greens, plums, taupes and sunny yellows. We'd paint the great room ourselves, but the room is vaulted and we'd really like it to last us another 9 years (which means it should be done right).

We are once again living in the basement. Upstairs, the furniture has been pushed to the centers of the rooms and covered over in makeshift plastic tents taped to the floor. The remaining floor space has been covered in brown paper, resulting in a very crinkly-sounding house.

Unfortunately, the camera is taped into the hutch right now - so, no pictures. The paint store had messed up and mixed the wall color for the baseboards and ceiling, but we caught it before the whole house had been done and it looks much better now. The whole thing should be done by Friday, which means an onslaught of pictures for Monday.


Scribbit said...

Hey, we'll be waiting!

Here's hoping the chaos is short-lived.

Elizabeth-W said...

A very crinkly-sounding house :)

Anonymous said...

I hate my vaulted ceilings because I can't easily paint them myself. And actually we have to get some cracks in the sheetrock repaired before we paint. I'm very bored with my white walls and can't wait to see your freshly-colored ones.

angela michelle said...

Oh I love newly painted rooms. Everything feels so clean and fresh when it's done. I'm sure it'll be worth the hassle!

Scribbit said...

Oh my. Big project! I feel your pain but it'll look so nice when you're done.