Friday, December 26, 2008

Some people dream in Technicolor

Last night we woke Ellie up to give her some Ibuprofen for an earache. In her sleep, she drank it down and then as she lay back on the bed she said, "Puppy thanks you, daddy."


Anonymous said...

How funny! Sorry about the earache, though.

Elizabeth-W said...

She's too cute. My 8 year old used to talk crazy talk in her sleep-I mean, like sleeping in tongues talking. Bizarre, nonsensical stuff. Every now and then she'll still do it.
Was it you who gave her the medicine, or Mr.?

Mrs. Organic said...

Yes, it was Mr. O who gave it to her. She actually said Puppy says thank you daddy.

She'd be a natural for Facebook with all the narrating she does.