Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I've been thinking about the products I miss, the ones that have fallen into the consumer black hole:

TEAM Flakes cereal
Freshen Up gum
Orange Crush soda
PB Twix (the original)
Chocolate Pudding Pops (the ones that actually tasted like pudding)
Fruit Stripes gum
Kit Kat Bites
Fanta Red Cream soda (the one that really was creamy)
Country Charm Holiday Mint Fudge ice cream

And one I don't miss but marvel that we were so unPC to have made them:
Candy Cigarettes (I have actual photos of me smoking er, eating these - my mother never knew)

This posting every day is not for the faint of heart. Help a sister out, please and tell me what products you miss.


b. said...

Totally agree on the original PB Twix....frozen!!

Pudding pops too.

Pizza Puffs. Did you ever have those? They were yummy. Can't find 'em anywhere.

Athena said...

weetbix (not to be confused with the canadian weetabix).
tim tams
new zealand meat pies and milkshakes
new zealand butter
french baguettes (made with the proper flour) :-)

Bree Biesinger Despain said...

I seriously miss Boston Market. I'd load up the kids in the car and go eat there every night if it were still around. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Blue Castle said...

I think I had those candy cigarettes too. At least, I remember them very clearly. :) I also remember pretending to smoke and my mom jumped on my case telling me that "pretending was just as bad as doing". Scared me silly. :)

Mrs. Organic said...

b - I haven't had the pizza puffs but the cold pb twix was divine!

Athena - what? not NZ cheese? I have a brick in my fridge, shhh don't tell anyone. We love it grilled and eaten with tart apples, yum! I've never had a proper french baguette.

Bree - that was the Mr.'s favorite place, too.

Blue - I may have 'puffed' those candy cigs, but I never inhaled ;)

Heffalump said...

I remember walking down to the corner store to buy candy cigarettes and pretending to smoke them on the way home. I had to eat them before Mom saw or I was in BIG trouble.
There were also bubble gum cigarettes that had some kind of white dust in them and you could blow on it and it looked like smoke coming out the end. Ah childhood...I used to get pudding pops at lunch in high school.
I miss...Mother's circus cookies. I know they just went out of business, but I am sad about it already.
You can still get some of those things, like Orange crush online if you google them. Retro junk food is in I guess.

Anonymous said...

Wow I also miss team cereal that was so dang good I wonder why they got rid of it. Their was also this other cereal I had at Meg's house growing up, and by the time I got money of my own to buy them they didn't make it anymore. (So sad) I also miss they are new but I have only found the once hersey kisses with coconut. Yummy. I lved the cany cigeretts as well especially on a really cold day and you can pretend that you really are puffing out smoke. I am glad they are not around for my kids but I sure loved feeling tough and a little rebelious when I was little.
Hey mom said you got some good new finds you will have to send me a pic or post them. Kel

b. said...

How did you eat your pb twix?

Mrs. Organic said...

heff - I'm pretty sure my mom has no idea we ever bought those.

kel - was it the nerds cereal? Pics to come.

b- I'd eat one straight out of the wrapper and save the other one in the fridge for later.

Elizabeth-W said...

This is hilarious! I'm trying to think about products I miss....
I'm not coming up with anything!

Bitters said...

Hey I just found those cig's the other day in a candy store!! Troy would not let me buy them, B remember getting those in 7'11?? See Corrie we just needed to know each other as kids!!