Thursday, October 30, 2008

Grandmas have the best ideas

Edited to add: if you watch very carefully, you will catch a Bacon-like profile of Mr. O on the video clip.

Ty was doing so great they kicked us out. Which is good. But we had no idea how to get him home. Now that his legs are 3 inches shorter, he no longer fits his custom-fit wheelchair - add to that the complication of keeping his legs extended straight out without being at angle greater than 45 degrees to his back.

We racked our brains trying to figure that one out. We talked with Physical Therapy, the Discharge Planner, and the Car Seat Team. The only thing we could come up with was to strap him to the top of the van in a Lazyboy Recliner...that or send him home in an ambulance (do you know how MUCH that costs???? And how much insurance doesn't like to pay for that? They hardly pay for an ambulance to take you TO the hospital, nevermind paying to take you FROM it)

He is my height and could not bend his knees or bend at his waist, so there was no way he was going to fit lying down in the back seat of the van. But! Trust grandma to find a way. She suggested that we pull out the middle seat, fold the back seat all the way back, and strap in the largish ottoman. Brilliant I tell you!

The ottoman was a little bit lower than the seat so we just threw my pillow under his legs to make up the difference. Getting him in there was quite the adventure. We wheeled his bed all the way to parking pull-through - OUTSIDE, the hospital bed was outside! (it turns out he wouldn't fit in any wheelchair). That is how badly they wanted us to go home.

It took four of us - the dude is heavy and tall and unbendy (have I mentioned that yet?), and it looked like a three-ring circus with three large adults and one teensy tinesy one maneuvering him in. I wish I had that on tape. Can you see the strap right next to my knee?

See that yellow thingy between his feet? It is strapped on at the thighs and ankles - think Kramer in his really tight jeans. Once we got him settled, he had a very comfortable ride home, getting him out went much smoother than putting him in. Oh and before I forget, thank goodness for seat belts (note the sarcasm -if we would've wrecked I'm sure he would've slipped right under that strap like a bar of wet soap or maybe like a really, really skinny, unbendable greased pig).

Life with Ty is never boring. For your entertainment: The video tour of our Home-made Ambulance.
Don't you wish you had one?


Lillie said...

Oh goodness. I get a comment from someone like you and it just makes me think-- -"seriously Lillie, get a grip". You have got SO much on your plate and you are so lovely and in control! Amazing women to look up to--- that's one of the beauties of blogging.

Thanks for checking in. I always love your comments.

b. said...

well....I suppose it's a lot cheaper than an ambulance ride...

(and TOTALLY a Bacon-esque profile, TOTALLY!)

Mike and Kenna Bartholomew said...

Grandma really is a genius! I'm glad you got him home with no problems.

Kim N said...

I am glad you made it home safely! Hoorah for grandma!

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

I'm so encouraged to think that someday I'll be a Grandma and maybe, just maybe, come up with good ideas too. :D

I can totally see the Kevin Bacon profile!

Anonymous said...

Leave it to Mom to come up with an idea like that. I always remebered that about Mom from growing up. She would always find a way to make it work. Glad Ty is home and safe. KEl

dalene said...

So grateful he's home...I wish him speedy and continuing recovery.

Maggie May said...

What a wonderful idea that Grandma had! Best wishes to the brave little man! Loved the invention for looking out of the window! Another of Grandma's ideas?
Came over from David's. Congratulations on POTD!

Anonymous said...

Here from David, gave me a good shakeup. Some people have genuine problems and just get on with it without whineing.

I'll be back, I need to know that you are coping.

Epijunky said...

What a read! It sounds like you all put your heads together and handled things brilliantly!

I found you through David's blog and I'll definitely be back!

idiggems said...

Few years ago, my best friend had a skiing accident. Broken leg, nothing serious, just a crack. But it was painful to lay in any position except flat. He laid in first aid for about an hour, then a private ambulance showed up. Before we even loaded him, they asked us to sign a paper stating that we would have to pay with out our insurance being billed. WHAT? How much? $750 for picking him up; and $350 for transport + $9.80/mile.. WHAT? That'd be over $1500 just for a ride to the hospital? So, they called me up, I used to have an old hearse-style ambulance in high school. It caught fire and burned up in 1998. But I still had the stretchers. We put a plain stretcher in a Ford Escape. Transported him just fine, the stretcher even had wheels, so one it was on the ground we could pull him. ER doctor just got a kick out of it.. Just laid down the seats, and strapped the stretcher down w/ a seat belt to hold it in place. The cot already had belts, so it was convenient and safe.