Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Batting 100

So far, so great! Ellie asked me the next morning, "So I a big girl now, no more bipers, just pandies?"

Roger that! She has caught on and has had no accidents since that first day. It is so worth it to wait until they're ready.

Of course, just by posting this I am practically guaranteeing the mother of all accidents tomorrow when we visit the surgeon's office.

Is there something wrong with me if that makes me think - Oh goodie, something to write about!


Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong at all!

I keep asking if mine is ready and she keeps putting it off until "tomorrow". It think I'll just say she's going to wear them in the morning and be done with it. No more asking if she wants to....because she doesn't!

Elizabeth-W said...

Good luck!

jill said...

Cute little Ellie, I've never met her but I know I'd like her!

Good for her for "wanting" to go to the potty!

Amanda Collins said...

How old did you start with her? I have a daughter who has the interest but doesn't know when she needs to go exactly. She is always saying "Pee" just so she gets to sit on the potty and wipe.... Any advice?

Mrs. Organic said...

I waited until she was dry in the morning for two weeks straight. She's just two weeks past her 3rd birthday and it was a breeze (except for that first day). All my kids have been three when we started, it's just not worth the stress of accidents for me to try any sooner.