Saturday, September 27, 2008

And so it grows

The mosaic continues to grow. And in gardening news, I have an eggplant shaped exactly like a mittened hand giving a thumbs-up sign. If I ever get my camera back, I'll show you. Oh! Before I forget, here's the latest on Ty and his hip surgery.

Okay, so the final paint color is definitely not going to be the color that reminds me of changing a newborn's diaper (care to hazard a guess?) I am leaning more than ever towards the oatmeal color in the middle and the light yellow on the left. I think the white is probably too white to use, what say you?

Casting aside all cost issues, here's a few things I've found:

Comfy seating
Cute, comfy seating

A couch that could accommodate Ty (the seating area is as big as a twin bed)

and here's an option for seating a few of our closest friends

This decorating business is super hard. I still don't understand how I can put together a quilt that turns out looking cute (if I do say so myself) and yet I cannot put together a room?


Elizabeth-W said...

BOTTOM left? Get it? Bottom?? ;)

Anonymous said...

Is the white color for your trim? I like nice white trim. Also I like that leather couch. The bottom one I can't quite figure out. they say to find a piece of fabric that you love, with the colors you love and then pick your paint and so on from there. Good luck, you a good at whatever you do, so I am not worried. Can't wait to see. KEl

Jendeis said...

Yes, the white is too white. For the trim, I would stay with a whiter color as opposed to a cream. Just not that white.

Terri said...

I don't think the trim being white will be such an issue once you have the ceiling white as well. However, it may not feel as "mellow" as you need it to. Keep looking. Love Mom

Amanda Collins said...

I love picking out new colors for a room. That's one thing I can do. But painting something like a mural, which I really want for my daughter's room just isn't happening. I don't have that talent....Oh well.