Sunday, August 24, 2008

The best camp ever!

I swear I already did a post on camp, but I can't find it anywhere. You should check out Camp Calleva - your kids will never have so much fun!
Nicole and new camp friend (isn't she cute?)

My nephew J~ on the outdoor climbing wall. The older kids went climbing on real rock except when it rained and then they climbed at the barn (Michelle climbed to 4 different tops).

The Potomac - unbelievably WIDE!

This is where I realize how sad my point and shoot camera is. The whole camp was very scenic, this is just a back road.

This little loch is where they got their feet wet and learned to kayak - the Potomac is through the bridge

Just a few of the canoes used to get to Adventure Island

By the bridge - I couldn't help myself, this desert girl has never seen so much green.

Meadow by the river.

There are so many pictures I didn't get to snap or that didn't turn out, but the kids all had a blast. They went caving, horseback riding, kayaking, climbing, canoeing, played games, sang songs, and visited Adventure Island (their absolute favorite activity). They made new friends and hope to visit Aunt Kelley again - I think we better let her recover for a year or so. :)


Heffalump said...

Wow...looks like they had a great time! And like you got to do some nature enjoying!

JENNIFRO said...

Great pictures! I remember my first summer out here. I could literally not get over the greenness!

i'm so glad they had fun--they are sweet, darling kids.

I love the one in front of the sign--I need to do that.

up in bubbles said...

This place really is beautiful.

up in bubbles said...

You can come and visit anytime.

jill said...

What BEAUTIFUL pictures! This post and the random pictures post, really have some fabulous shots!

I went to Glen Echo today, which is an old time theme park with a huge enclosed carousel and puppet theater as well as a dance hall. It used to be very thriving, but now it's not so much...well, I saw the most GORGEOUS view as I walked over a bridge that lead to the park. It was a small river with huge rocks and SUCH green trees. I could have sat there all day it was so pretty, you'll have to see it when you come back.

Mrs. Organic said...

bubbles - you might regret that invitation

jill - I hope you snapped a picture of that view, it sounds just like a postcard.

Kenna said...

Wow those are some amazing pictures, it looks like so much fun, a place you dream about going as a kid.