Sunday, July 20, 2008

Learning to ride a bike Is not hard, but learning to stop it?

This is one of the funniest things I've read in awhile (make sure to read the list)

Swimming Pool Signage

In other news, my two year old will not be deterred from riding her bicycle, braking it is another thing altogether. By braking, I mean stopping. Her trick to slowing down involves sliding off the seat onto her tummy while holding onto the handle bars and dragging her feet.

This sometimes goes very wrong - handlebar to the face, knee to the asphalt, anyway we are working on stopping with pedals. She has a helmet to protect her brain, and all sorts of pads are available for elbows and knees - but what about her face? Note the black eye, bruise on cheek, and also a skinned chin and chest that you can't see. Poor girl.

I can't believe she's already giving me grays! There is a reason these photos are blurry and it is that she never, I repeat NEVER sits still. Even when she's sitting, she's moving.

Her preferred mode of travel (when it isn't by bike or trike) is skipping. I think she is quite possibly related to Tigger.


Elizabeth-W said...

Those are pretty good, and so thorough, too!!
As for Missy..She's just too cute. I hate that phase when they're all banged up all the time--they don't care at all but it makes me feel like such a bad mom.
My almost 8 year old stillllll can't ride a bike. She's just a big chicken (unlike your baby). There is something wrong with a child (or perhaps parents) who can't ride a bike yet w/o training wheels, don't you think? I'm so ashamed.

Summer said...

Ah but she is 10 times cuter than Tigger!

Mrs. Organic said...

ew - to be clear, her bike definitely has training wheels. Also, there's not a whole lot wrong with a mom who takes her kids to the waterpark twice a week.

My 8 year old only learned to ride her bike last year. She decided one day that she wanted the training wheels off and bam! she could do it. Up until then she leaned horribly to the left, supported by only one training wheel. I was certain she was wasn't ready - you just never know.

Mrs. Organic said...

summer - I'd have to agree with you.

b. said...

She does kinda have those 'wild eyes'!!
Good thing she's cute!

Elizabeth-W said...

Okay, I'm totally relieved now. Thanks!!!
I just know I was riding without training wheels in kindergarten so this seems really late. Looks like there's a nice wide bell curve on this one. :)

Mrs. Organic said...

I can't begin to imagine the injuries when the training wheels come off.