Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A few flowers

Edited to add more pictures

Here are the latest pictures from the Sensory garden. I just love the day lilies' bright red and yellow contrast. It reminds me of Hawaii. I didn't plant any annuals this year - I wonder if it's too late to put some in. The main colors of the perennials are red, yellow, bright purple, and bright pink. The roses are doing well, but definitely need a good fertilizing.

It is hard to keep everything watered just right in this very hot summer. Too much and the north beds get moldy, too little and the south beds wilt. The best solution would be to put them on two different zones, but it's also the biggest pain to figure out how to do it.


Blazing Star
Another day lily


Blackberries' first blush


Claudious said...

I love your flowers, the Lilly is my favorite, the red so vibrant. It's as you say, just the right amount of water.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I also love the red and yellow flower.

Lei said...

What a beautiful garden!