Sunday, July 27, 2008

100 Things, the end

Foreign Films You Might Enjoy
76. Afterlife
77. My Father's Glory
78. Mostly Martha
79. Babette's Feast
80. The Count of Monte Cristo

Books I Like
81. And There Was Light
82. Cheaper by the Dozen
83. To Kill a Mockingbird
84. In My Hands
85. The Secret Life of Bees
86. Beyond the Summit (for everyone)
87. Little Britches
88. A Year in Provence
89. Where the Red Fern Grows (my kid pick)
90. Can You Keep a Secret? (guilty pleasure - read at your own risk)
and so many more!

More Randomness
91. I danced on drill team in High school
92. My timing was a little off, but I could kick and split like nobody's business
93. I wore a size 3 wedding dress, but today I would settle for a 10
94. There will always be soft spot in my heart for James Taylor

95. Music makes life better
96. Mr. O and I hope to someday retire to a beach house in California
97. I think stand-up comedians are funnier without all the f-bombs

98. I can remember filling my car with leaded gasoline
99. And also when it cost under a dollar a gallon
100. But we also didn't have the internet then

What do you think, was it a fair trade? High speed, instant access to the internet in exchange for high priced gasoline and less travel?


Kim N said...

I LOVE James Taylor. It is my feel good music.

Living so far from my family I can't imagine life without internet. I can talk to my mom every day on messenger and it makes it bearable. Although...if gas was under a dollar maybe I would be able to visit more!

Elizabeth-W said...

These have been fun, Mrs. O.
I can fit into my wedding dress--but I got married later in life--but still, it fits, but the bust line is much different than it used to be. I can zip it up, but it just doesn't look right, even with a supportive undergarment. Sad, but true.
You had a car with leaded?! Or your folks did? ;)

Mrs. Organic said...

Kim - He's perfect for a Sunday afternoon, and great in concert.

EW - My first car was a brown Toyota Corolla that cost $500 - I loved that thing even though it was far older than I was, too bad it bit the dust after 6 months.