Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So, where was I?

Oh yeah, on vacation. Although taking a 2 year old along does not qualify officially in the parent handbook as 'vacationing'. We all had a lovely time (except for flying there and back).

We traveled on JetBlue (where if you're a single female and your flight attendant is male, you may just get extra snacks - I'm just saying) so at least everyone else had tv or radio to listen to instead of my darling toddler.

Our condo had a great location - 40 feet to the water and 40 feet to the Amtrak rails (a little surf, a little choo!choo!) Even though the view was amazing, we won't be renting there again. One bathroom for 10 people is not enough, especially when said bathroom door sticks fast as soon as it's halfway open - you had to plan ahead to pee with all the showers and door sticking going on.

Not everyone was having as good a time as we were - While we were gone, my cousin's daughter was diagnosed with A.L.L. Thank heavens there is an 85% survival rate to 5 years, but it will require two and a half years of treatment.

I have placed a Chip-In Widget in my sidebar, we are trying to help raise funds for all the medical costs they are incurring (they do not have insurance and are between jobs at the moment. (Ty's 5 day stays in the ICS unit for chemo averaged around $40,000 each!) Any amount is helpful, $5, $10 whatever you feel you can do to help out (even if it's praying for her). Thank you.

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