Monday, May 12, 2008

Nothin says Spring like a good ol' fashioned windstorm

Last night the wind rolled in across the backyard in great, crashing waves. The peas and cauliflower took casualties, but for the most part everything survived. Like the wisteria (it smells heavenly),


closer up view of the wisteria clusters (I love their little kissy-faces)

The second to last cauliflower, however, is horizontal and the onions are a little depressed

but the Japanese Maple more than makes up for everything

You wish you lived here, don't you? If only you did - you could take care of all the weeding while I put my feet up and tell you what a great job you're doing.


Alisha said...

wow! ed said he was really impressed with your garden when he saw it tonight (in real life) :). he especially like the wisteria and perfect garden boxes.

he says someday he might actually build me some - till then i'll weed the whole 1/2 acre :)

Kim N said...

I am really impressed! I would love to have that backyard to relax in...okay, so you are right...I would probably be weeding and watering and working instead of relaxing, but it would be worth it!

When you first posted about your garden it inspired me and I have been talking my husband into helping me. I just found out that there is a big squirrel problem in our neighborhood and it is almost impossible to keep them out of the gardens. A bit discouraging.

Mrs. Organic said...

alisha - it's too bad that I hacked half the wisteria off a week ago, because it would smell 10times lovelier back there if I'd just left it alone.

Kim - I'm sorry to hear about the squirrels - what if you do some container gardening close to the house or participate in a community garden somewhere away from the squirrels?

Marne said...

I hear Kim on the squirrels...I have a huge problem with them in my yard and garden also. Dang things. I am trying to figure out how I can kill them and not get arrested for animal cruelty...just kidding.

Beautiful yard! I love that Japanese Maple...gorgeous!

Marne said...
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Mrs. Organic said...

marne - sorry to hear about the squirrels (owl dummies don't work?)