Saturday, May 24, 2008

All in a Day's Work

If you can call this work...

I mean someone has to capture all this blue sky for you sun-deprived people


It's alot of work to play in the ocean and keep your clothes dry

Did you know you can grow corn on the beach? This space would normally be three additional parking spaces for one of the homes here.

I want to live here in this Mediterranean house and sip beverages on that sofa on the deck
every. single. day.


The sand queens.

Even with the multiple sunscreen applications our virgin white skin is a very noticeable pink after the first smashingly beautiful day.


b. said...

Oh. Corrie!!

Just. WOW!

compulsive writer said...

Oh my. That looks heavenly. Thanks for sharing your sun and surf.

Elizabeth-W said...

You know it will be snowing when you get back... :D Just kidding. Glad ya'll are having fun!

Cocoa said...

Ooo jealous. Very, very jealous. We have sand and sky but no water in sight anywhere. That makes a huge difference!

Terri said...

Mom and Dad wish we were with you all! It does look wonderfully warm and sunny. We miss you all but are glad you call to keep us updated on all the fun you are having. Love Mom

Mrs. Organic said...

If it is snowing when we get back, I think I will turn around and camp out on the plane

The Lazy Organizer said...