Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How to know when your levels are just a tad high...

1. Suddenly you can no longer spell, and you wonder - Do I have a brain tumor? Shaky fingers and anxiety are not a good combination.

2. Everything and everyone is an irritation.

3. Sounds are amplified like 3,000%. You can no longer be in the same room as individuals who are chewing anything unless there is music playing at very high volumes and you can no longer see the chewing taking place.

3. It is 40 degrees outside and you think, "Great, time to break out the shorts!"

4. You consume the approximate number of calories that could feed an army, and yet when you step on the scale the next morning you have lost 2 pounds.

5. Your toddler, while two inches from your face, says the same thing 20 times in a row, barely pausing for breath between times and you contemplate something involving your own face and your own pillow.

6. Everyone and everything is an irritation.

7. Your teen aged child can turn you into an eyeball-popping, vein-bulging, shrill-voiced wreck of a mother.

8. You realize you may need to wash your own mouth out with soap.

9. You feel like you are riding the PMS Express, um...every. single. day. - I'm just saying.

10. Everyone and everything is an irritation.

11. You feel like you've just completed a 7 mile run (heck, you can even feel your pulse in your eardrums) even though the most strenuous activity in recent memory is getting up from the couch for a cool beverage, because yikes! it is hot as Hades in here.

12. When you go to bed at night, you lay there thinking a million miles a minute and it goes something like this: "Tomorrow - pills, breakfast, kids to school, bathe/dress baby, did I lock the door?, bathe/dress me, makeup, clean kitchen, did I put that important letter in the mail?, bake bread, start dinner, switch wash, oh crud did I switch it earlier?, clean bathroom, plant peas (I know, they shoulda been in weeks ago), lunch... And when you think how exhausted you are already, make a mental note to add Google 'insomnia barin brain tumors anxiety' to your ever growing list.

13. Did I mention how hot it is in here? Wow, is your heart beating fast! Look at your shaky hands, why can't you get any sleep, and for goodness sake you are the crankiest thing I ever saw! Call the doctor already - you've got a classic case of thyroid overload.


Summer said...

I'm sorry Corrie. That's so sucky. I wish I would have known what these symptoms meant three years ago.

up in bubbles said...

You really have a way with words. I can really feel how you feel just by reading that, and I am so so sorry. I am also on the crazy train and my husband is on a cruise. Hope we all survive the weekend. I also hope you get a new medication or dosage. Good luck let me know.

Cocoa said...

YUCKO! Here's to hoping it all gets figured out soon.

Mrs. Organic said...

At least the crazy train is interesting - as you know, I'm not one for boring.

Actually, after writing this post, I realized I just described what it feels like when I'm pregnant (I can't imagine ever combining the two)

Elizabeth-W said...

So sorry you're feeling bizarre. They are having a devil of a time keeping your levels balanced :(

Mrs. Organic said...

If I have to pick between this and feeling cold, depressed beyond all comprehension, moving as though I am walking through jello, hair thinning, and fog brain - I will pick this any day.

Anonymous said...

Yikes, no fun.

Shabbee Chick said...

Wow. I really might have that checked. Thanks for de-lurking. I wish you'd de-lurk more! Good luck to you.

Mrs. Organic said...

amber - but it's non-boring, so that's good.

shabbee chick - I am so flattered you stopped by and I just might have to delurk more.

The Lazy Organizer said...

Kay, I was going to guess pregnancy except for the losing weight thing. I cannot be in the same room with people chewing if I'm not eating too. There is nothing more annoying!

Here comes my favorite song, Somewhere over the Rainbow! Now I'm going to have to hang out for a while.