Friday, April 11, 2008

The food-capades

By 8 a.m., Tyler was bouncing his way to school in the comfort of a yellow-orange bus and I was grinding kamut for the family bread. I finished mixing the bread and put it into the oven for it's first rise. The girls finished making their lunches and headed out the door to school.

I glanced at the timer, 10 minutes to go until I reset the oven to bake the bread. Great! just enough time to start some laundry and make a bed (and forget all about the bread). Two hours later, something akin to a lightbulb went off in my head, "The bread!" Although not an exact quote, I believe it went down something like this

"Schmidt! the bread, it's ruined. Dang it! all that kamut - is kaput, wasted!"

"Wait maybe it's salvageable. "

(Can you say dee.nye.all?)

I peeled back the layers of the fallen crust, threw them out and decided to pop the bread back in the oven and see if there was any lemonade (or garlic toast) to be made out of my lemons (shriveled up loaves).

They baked up okay, but definitely aren't sandwich material. So now I'm off to bake again but first, I'm posting several large reminders all over the kitchen - DO NOT FORGET THE BREAD!


Elizabeth-W said...

Oh No!
I do that kind of thing...So, I set two timers that go off 5 minutes apart from each other so if I don't hear one, the other helps me. Or...if I say "Oh, I'll go get that after I go to the bathroom" and then forget, the second helps me out :)

Mrs. Organic said...

Good idea! I think I just turned off the timer in the middle of all the chaos that is getting kids off to school.

Christy said...

This happened to me the last time I made bread!

Will some homemade cards cheer you up? You won the giveaway on my blog. Email me your address and which card set you want and I'll get them to you! sra_nelson AT yahoo DOT com

The Lazy Organizer said...

That's happened to me more than once! You could always make fry bread with the dough next time. Anything fried has got to taste good! I always love it when my sister makes navajo tacos when we come to visit.

Mrs. Organic said...

christy - wow & yay! I made the bread again and didn't forget it this time.

lara - I think you're right, you can pretty much save anything by frying it in oil.