Monday, April 21, 2008

Bustin' chops

Friday and Saturday were spent breaking up the ground a further 8 inches in the bottom of the garden beds (a week ago we removed 8 inches of clay in each bed and redistributed it around the yard) and then mixed in a garden blend of compost, topsoil, and some other amazing ingredient I don't recall at the moment.

It was a nice day to be outside, not too cold but with a bit of a breeze to cool you off just when you needed it (until the gale force winds kicked in around dinner time). We built four grow boxes and topped them all off with soil. Nothing else got done that day, not even picture taking, because our arms were too tired to lift the camera. Maybe today I'll venture out and snap some photos of our progress.

All we have left to do is to figure out our watering system. I would like to use a soaker hose or drip irrigation, but am still undecided. In all of our digging we uncovered a sprinkler head 6 inches under the soil. We have no idea if the pipe it's attached to is still connected to the sprinkler system. We'd test it, but we have 2 or 3 geysers to repair first (one of them might just be the neighbor's, because how is it possible that we have 5 sprinklers in 10 square feet?)

Also, we have so much garden soil left over, we may just have to haul off the dirt clods left behind by the clay and use the beautiful dirt instead.

In other gardening news, the Sensory Garden is coming back to life. Summer is really my favorite time in the yard because everything is in full bloom, but Spring runs a close second - nothing beats a good birth.


Elizabeth-W said...

You are so awesome!!!
I have zero gardening tips, but I enjoy looking at pictures of your hard work. Go, you!

up in bubbles said...

Good job on all the hard work. I love the spring out here because their are so many blossoms and it is green from the get go. Sells good look good and feels good. LOve the spring more than the humid summer.

Summer said...

Oh how I wish we had a garden.

Heffalump said...

We need to do something gardeny. Our yard is very sandy though (living on the coast does that) so I am not sure what will grow well here other than potatoes...
We had a beautiful raised garden when we lived in Salem and we got Mushroom compost for it so everything we planted in it got huge.