Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why Organic?

Well, to make a long, possibly boring story shorter - Organic appeals to me in two ways:

1. It is suggestive of something that "develops in a manner analogous to the natural growth and evolution characteristic of living organisms; arising as a natural outgrowth."

meaning, that it reflects my attention span as evolving rather than as non-existant. I am always trying new things (ask my kids or my mother and their eyes might just roll so far back in their heads that they stick there) and all that adventureous-ness can look like ADHD on crack. But really, it is just my love of hands-on living, which brings me to the second reason.

2. We've recently taken anew interest in just how far removed we've become from our food. Do you really know what's on (or in) your vegetables, meat, and packaged foods? Do you want to know or do you suffer from a case of "Ignorance is bliss"? We've read several books lately that have told us far more than we thought we wanted to know about the actual costs (health, environmental, and otherwise) of eating the way most Americans do. For our family, it's time to make some changes.

Over the past few months we've begun planning our garden and eliminating commercially produced beef and pork from our diets. We still eat wild-caught fish and some chicken, but for the most part we are trying to eat more fresh vegetables, fresh-from-the-farm eggs and milk, as well as using olive oil (rather than vegetable oil) in our cooking.

This blog isn't just about gardening, it's about living life - naturally. There will be recipes, garden ideas (and possibly failures), projects, crafts, of course numerous posts on the kids' perspective, and maybe even some eye-rolling.

I will still post over at Ty's Triumph any news about Ty and our journey with him, but mostly, I will be posting here. I hope you'll join us.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to your posts, here! I like the idea of producing more of my food and being a bit healthier!

Note: I couldn't get google reader to find a feed for this new site!

Alisha said...

sounds like an adventure - we have enjoyed ours so far! do you want more eggs? did you try the duck egg?

Corrie said...

tirzah - i think it will kick in after a bit

alisha - i was think of putting it in a quiche tonight, do you usually just mix it right in among the other eggs? I love the teeny tiny one!

athena said...

yes!! this new blog is such a neat idea! if you want any taste testers i'm here! :)

ps have you considered using wordpress?

Cocoa said...

I can't wait to read some of your ideas. We are lucky to have our own farm eggs, and fresh chicken and beef whenever we want, though that requires a little more work. :D

Corrie said...

athena - I'm playing around with it, but my preference for moving my 'blog furniture' around seems to limit WP's features. (Do you know of a way I can still play with the backgrounds and such on WP?)

Cocoa - wow! do you dress your own chicken (or is there a local butcher?) I bet your girls love getting the eggs, I know mine would.

athena said...

actually i'm not sure (re: wordpress). i'm so clueless. i usually tell my husband what i want and he does it. although for the most part everything on my blog wasn't difficult to formulate and i did most of that, but if you want to do something fancy then that might require more brain power. :)

Corrie said...

i'm sure less would be more in the way of color and background, but I can't seem to help myself.

Adria Sha said...

I'm using WordPress. You can do SO MUCH MORE with it. It's much more versatile, I promise.

If you're heating your oil, you should use coconut and not olive. ;)

Corrie said...

adria - please, a tutorial! i would love to learn more about WP, any pointers?

The Lazy Organizer said...

Maybe you've already mentioned it but have you read Nourishing Traditions yet? I am just starting this healthy eating journey and it is slow going although my husband thinks I'm a bit overboard.

We don't drink nearly as much milk since we've switched to whole raw. It's good but I think all the calories are a bit much and our bodies know it!

Our chickens are finally laying again. The kids are having such a great time collecting eggs!

I love the new blog. It's green, my favorite color!