Sunday, March 30, 2008

For C-dub, because I aim to please...

I had never heard of kamut grain before a coworker of my husband mentioned the great deal they had gotten on it. He let us purchase a 25 lb bag at his cost and we haven't looked back.

It looks like a giant-sized wheat grain but has a higher protein and lipid content. It has a buttery flavor to it, almost nutty. All I know is before I started using it in my bread, I had to make it half white flour/half wheat flour in order for my kids to eat it. Now my bread is half kamut/half wheat and the kids eat it like it's candy. It doesn't raise as high so I add a little more gluten to compensate.

I also sneeze any time I grind red or white wheat, but never when I grind kamut. It turns out it's supposed to be better for those who have wheat allergies, I don't think it has been tested for those with gluten intolerance though.

We are trying to buy more because we've really enjoyed it. I used to only make bread once every 10 days or so and would end up throwing a little bit out. Now I make it on Mondays and Thursdays because the kids go through it so fast. I guess you could say we like it.

Here are a couple oflinks
origin of kamut
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compulsive writer said...

Thank you! Especially since I wasn't kidding about your blog making me hungry. It was about 8:30 at night last night when I read your last post and the pics actually made me salivate. I seriously considered starting a batch righ then and there, but of course I didn't have any kamut flour and it was just a little too late. Then I started to wonder where you lived and if you had any left over (only mostly kidding). So I ended up having to go to bed hungry:)

So is this something you can pick up at Macey's or do I need to shop aroung? You had me at buttery...

Corrie said...

You can buy the grain at health food stores locally, but it is about $1.00/lb. That is why I'm trying to find a good source for buying in bulk. The taste (for me) is worth it.

I think you can also purchase the ground flour at Good Earth. If you try it, let me know what you think.

redhead83402 said...

Corrie ~ this kamut flour sounds AWESOME! we go through about 3 loaves of bread a day, as it is, however, this flour sounds superior. I have to agree with the commentor, looking through this blog makes a body salivate!

~as to re-invigorating your treehouse plans.... hmmm.. do you have an anal husband who can't stand to see things get done incorrectly? :-D My secret is that I use his anal tendencies for the positive ~ it's how we have to manage around here ~:-D

Corrie said...

redhead - um, he's what you called laid-back. If he builds the tree house it is going to be done with amazing quality - our main problem here is time (too little for all we want to do).