Friday, September 4, 2009

If I didn't know better...

(but trust me, I do know), I'd say I was pregnant. It's either that or a brain tumor or an impending stroke.

I cannot seem to hold on to anything this week:



Droppity. Drop.

And also there is much tiredness and precious little brain function. As in, mid-sentence uttering, "What was I just saying?" and then having no earthly idea. And also, as in scheduling an appointment with the orthodontist in one hour and then completely forgetting it until they call me 20 minutes post-appointment time wondering just where I am (even now I can't remember where I was instead of there).

And with all of this I have two huge, size of the Eye of Jupiter bruises on each leg, in different places on each, and no knowledge of how they got there (which is more than a wee bit troubling to me - seems like something leaving that big a mark on my otherwise "flawless" skin should be quite memorable. But I got nada. I suppose it could be harmless Gigantor blood clot, but who can say?

And then even with all this tiredness that begs me never to leave my bed again or at least if I do, to please to not to come back before three or four in the AM and I may, perhaps, just get lucky enough sleep-wise (as everyone else is fast asleep eons before then and there is nothingmuchelse to get lucky about at that hour, besides supreme unconsciousness).

I shall resist from consulting Dr. Google until I have had at least 5 consecutive hours of sleep.

That is, if I can get to sleep with the terms hematoma, clot, brain tumor, aneurysm, peripheral neuropathy, (gasp, PREGNANT?) rolling around in my barely functioning brain with words like wonky, jiggered, and the sisters three Whiskey. Tango, Foxtrot. trying to make some sense of it all.

Probably time to speak more assertively with my Doctor about my thyroid labs - something sure feels off,


Kristina P. said...

It sucks when you don't feel well and things are just off. Just to reiterate, I am not pregnant.

JENNIFRO said...

Boy I hope it's all good. You look beautiful by the way. REally great.

JENNIFRO said...

Why can't I find your email? To see the Cancer Zodiac scriptures...go back to my last post and click the link.

Anonymous said...

Did you have another one of those alien abductions that you keep telling me about?

Mr. O.

Mrs. Organic said...

I married such a wise-guy, you better watch your back. :)

Kim N said...

Ugh. I your dr. can figure out what is off and help you out.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, alien abduction does sound like the most plausible explanation. (But you might want to check on the thyroid labs, too.)